Upgrading to Shopee Mall in Vietnam: Advantages and Disadvantages for Sellers

Upgrading to Shopee Mall in Vietnam: Advantages and Disadvantages for Sellers

*Note that this article is based on information as of May 2023.
If you are operating Shopee in Vietnam and would like to consider upgrading to a higher plan, Shopee Mall, but the information source is in Vietnamese, it is difficult to do research. Therefore, we will explain the requirements to join Shopee Mall and the advantages and disadvantages of Shopee Mall!

What is Shopee Mall?

Shopee Mall is a special type of shop launched by Shopee in 2017, exclusively for partners who are brand owners or authorized to sell genuine brands on Shopee. Shopee Mall products have a red "Mall" or "Shopee Mall" label on the shop profile page or on all shop products, making it easy for customers to identify and search for these products. It's Shopee's certification of quality to its customers. Shopee Mall contributed 60% of Shopee's total GMV in May 2023.

Cost and fee

There is no fee to register with Shopee Mall.

Requirements/work to register with Shopee Mall

Sellers will receive the results within a maximum of 14 days from the date of registration.


Unsuccessful order rate< 10%
Late delivery rate< 10%
Penalty point0
Pre-order rate0
Do not violate community standards or use vulgar or offensive language
Do not post pirated products, counterfeit/fake goods
In order to approve the successful Shopee Mall registration, Shopee will take data for the last 4 weeks from the last week of the review list.


Manufacturer (Cosmetic)1. Business registration/investment certificate
2. Trademark registration (Brand certificate or certificate of valid trademark registration dossier issued by State agencies)
3. Cosmetic proclamation paper
Distributor (Cosmetics)1. Business registration/investment certificate
2. Certified agent/distribution contract from the company.
3. Cosmetic proclamation paper

Product Images

Appropriate, high-quality product images must be used: https://banhang.shopee.vn/edu/article/98

Pros and Cons of Shopee Mall Registration

Advantages of Shopee Mall

  • Shopee Mall products are labeled either on the Shop profile page or on all Shop products will engage customers to buy and increase their trust in high-end products
  • Sellers are given priority to consider participating, supported with Discount Codes or subsidized prices in Shopee's major programs
  • Buyers are supported up to 25K shipping fee for orders from 150K VND
  • Reduce your advertising fee. Shopee will always prioritize the Shopee Mall when running the Shopee ads and your shop will be easier to be on top of the page with cheaper price
  • Brand day from Shopee. Shopee will support top Shopee Malls to run the Brand Days and display your promotion on the categories homepage

The disadvantage of Shopee Mall

  • Fixed fee for Shopee Mall Sellers = Total order value/fixed percentage (Shopee Mall commission for cosmetics is usually around 5.5%)
  • Sellers must commit to providing 100% genuine goods or be refunded twice if found to be fake/counterfeit
  • Customers can return/refund within 7 days of receiving the product (instead of the usual 3 days)
  • Products sold must be in stock
Shopee Mall fee
Shopee Mall fee



Feedforce Vietnam supports upgrading to Shopee Mall. Please feel free to contact us.