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Feedforce Vietnam

E-commerce Marketing and Development Agency in Vietnam

We enrich clients' digital marketing and e-commerce through reliable operations and technology.


Our services are digital marketing related, especially for Japanese and foreign capital customers willing to expand sales and brand awareness in Vietnam (for details, see the page below).
Digital Ad Operation
Through the operation of digital advertising, we support our clients in expanding awareness and sales.
To your products and your customers’ needs, we propose the most appropriate ad strategy.
E-commerce Support
We support opening and running Shopee, Lazada, and other major e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia.
E-commerce Site Production
We support to create Shopify store to make customers possible to expand their e-commerce effectively.
Shopify is the world's largest e-commerce website creation platform at a low cost. We have the ability to make the most of its great features as follows.
  • A wide extension such as integrating with Facebook or Google, operating stocks, and sharing product data between e-commerce platforms
  • A variety of apps and themes to customize the store etc..
Shopify App Development
We are the Shopify Partners.
Our Shopify App, SEA-Market Connector, is for more efficient management of Shopee/Lazada local and cross-border accounts. By linking Shopify and Shopee/Lazada, product/order management is basically handled on Shopify.
Software Manual Testing
  • We support checking the quality, functionality, and performance of a software product before launch with cross-device testing.
  • We support both Japanese and English.

About us

Feedforce Vietnam was established in Ho Chi Minh City in November 2021, as a part of Feedforce Group.
Feedforce is a rapidly growing digital marketing software firm from Japan, which was listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2019. We provide a variety of unique services centered on e-commerce and Shopify.
Feedforce Group is certified as Shopify Experts.
Feedforce Group is certified as Shopify Experts.

Why Choose Us?


Reliable Customer Support

We have a deep understanding and experience in marketing in Vietnam and strengths in ad operation and data analysis. We always make a proposal based on customer needs and market trends by using multiple languagess to support operations in Facebook/Google/ZALO/LinkedIn/Shopee/Lazada.
We can give you technical support such as ad/measurement tag implementation and developing automatic product registration from Shopify to Shopee and Lazada.

One-Stop Service

Before opening digital marketing, customers are usually concerned about requiring massive man-hours and consuming time for essential marketing activities.
For those customers, we are prepared to support all of your work for launching an e-commerce store/digital marketing; opening e-commerce, registering products, and planning and operating a promotion strategy. Additionally, we analyze the results of promotion quantitatively and give you feedback.

Conversion Expansion Based on PDCA

We follow the PDCA cycle based on our data and proceed with marketing actions quickly. To maximize conversion expansion, we cover a vast range of actions; strategy of advertising design, optimization SEO, and advertisement operation.

Company Profile

BusinessWeb Application Development, Web Marketing Support, E-commerce store production
EstablishmentNovember 2021
RepresentativeMori Daisuke - Lâm Đại Hiệp, CEO (LinkedIn)