Feedforce Vietnam's case studies

Case Studies

Since our establishment, Feedforce Vietnam has supported various clients and achieved great success.
Most of our clients were willing to expand promotion and e-commerce sales but facing challenges because;
  • They were in charge of other departments and did not have expertise in digital marketing. One of the clients had been unable to achieve results in e-commerce store management and ads for 1-2 years.
  • They were unsatisfied with partial services and their outcome, as only ad management or site creation, by other support companies.
We have provided satisfactory support for them with comprehensive expertise in ads management, e-commerce operation, and Shopify store production.

Digital Ad Operation & E-commerce Support

Cosmetics Industry

#1 Vietnamese subsidiary of a Japanese wholesaler

200% month-over-month sales increase consecutively and 18 times the sales of 5 months ago after the support of Facebook ad and e-commerce store ads strategy.
CVR improvement: 1.80 pt after 5 months (0.90% → 2.70%)
ROAS improvement: lower than 100% to more than 300% after 3 months

#2 Japanese wholesaler working on cross-border e-commerce to Vietnam

Achieved 22 times sales compared to the previous month after signing up for a one-year support portfolio
Acquired quality traffic with long dwell time at low CPC
Wide range of strategies; SEO, practical use of e-commerce ads, social media, KOC, and inventory management

Other Industries

#3 Major travel agency with offices in Southeast Asian countries

20% reduction of CPA after 6 months of ad operation with our support such as Facebook Ads.

#4 Vietnam-based financial services company

22% increase in the number of clicks and 11% increase in CV compared to the previous month after improvement of campaign construction and tagging and other trouble shootings in Google Ads.

#5 Malaysia-based company handling hobby products

31% increase in visitors and 50% increase in orders after several marketing strategies for e-commerce store.

E-commerce site production

Our value in this service is to create an easy-to-use site for clients even after our support ends by utilizing the Shopify theme while meeting clients’ requests. This way of support also enables cost reduction and the creation of sites in the shortest possible time.
ClientFood, cosmetics, and entertainment industry
Service- To build the store by Shopify-qualified Japanese and Shopify-dedicated engineers - Provide consulting support for Shopify operations after the store is built - To help our clients operate the site on their own
FunctionsTranslation, member registration, local payment integration, discount display, reviews, Facebook integration, Google Analytics integration, etc.
ResultsSatisfying support and store production with less than half the price quoted by other companies and only approximately 2 months for delivery.

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