Maximize Your Vietnamese E-Commerce Reach: Criteo & RTB House Solutions

Maximize Your Vietnamese E-Commerce Reach: Criteo & RTB House Solutions

Criteo and RTB House have a large presence in the digital markets of North America, Europe, and Japan, and when marketing professionals outside Vietnam become responsible for the Vietnamese and Southeast Asian markets, they may wonder: 'Can I use Criteo and RTB House in Vietnam?' In fact, it has recently become possible to use Criteo and RTB House in Vietnam! This article explains the features of Criteo and RTB House in the Vietnamese market.

What is Criteo and RTB House?

Criteo and RTB House are 'dynamic advertising' delivery services.
Dynamic advertising is an advertising delivery method that can automatically generate and publish the most suitable ad creatives by appropriately determining "to whom", "what (which products)" and "how (with what creatives)" to be displayed according to the behavior of users, such as their site browsing status.
Dynamic advertising is also available as a service on Facebook and Google, and is especially used for e-commerce, travel, real estate, human resources and other commercials with a large number of product items.
Criteo in particular has a very high market share in Japan and other developed countries due to its vast consumer behavior data and excellent targeting, and many people have probably heard of it at least once.
RTB House is a latecomer to the market, but it is attracting attention as a medium for deep learning, rather than just machine learning. Deep learning is a method where computers themselves capture potential features in the data and are used to understand the user.

Comparison of Criteo and RTB House in Vietnam

Both Criteo and RTB House offer web and app, retargeting and new customer acquisition solutions in the Vietnamese market, and have been working well in Vietnam.


Delivery performance varies widely depending on the commercial product, but the following figures for Vietnam are generally standard compared to Japan.
  • CPM・CPC: 1/10~
  • CPA・CPQV (Cost Per Quality View) : 1/2 to 1/3
This means that there tends to be a high proportion of slightly unmotivated session acquisitions, but because the number of sessions can be secured, even if the CVR is a little low, there is a tendency to acquire sessions at a low CPA.
For more information on Criteo's performance against other companies (benchmark data), please contact us.

RTB House

Meanwhile, RTB House is also working closely with Shopee and Lazada, the major e-commerce in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, where RTB House can be selected as one of the ad networks from Shopee and Lazada's seller centers and distributed as CPAS Advertisement.
Video interview on Lazada-RTB House collaboration

Need more information?

We have several members with a rich experience in dynamic ad operations and are specialized in English and Vietnamese data-feed optimization. Please feel free to contact us for further information on operational consultation, Criteo and RTB House media, and submission requirements (minimum ad spend amount, etc.)!

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