Software Manual Testing Services
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Software Manual Testing Services

We offer outstanding software manual testing services to ensure that your product is ready for deployment with seamless experience and operation.

What is Software Manual Testing?

  • It is a process in which our tester manually performs tests on your software to identify any existing issues.
  • Through manual testing under the hands of a human, we can make your product more refined and complete for the best user experience.

The Core of Our Manual Testing Services

Checking the quality

Our testing ensures that your software delivers the highest quality so you can satisfy your customers.

Functionality testing

During the process, we will do our best to identify if there are any defects in your product and keep its functionality flawless.

Ensuring the performance

Stability is an important key rating on our list. We strive to keep the performance of your software consistent for long-term use.

Why Choose Us?

✅ Refined testing process

We provide a well-monitored manual testing process, ensuring that no test case list is left unchecked.

✅ Highly expertise testers

Our testing team has years of experience in the field. They are well trained and ready for any challenge.

✅ Standards for quality

We bring high standards to our software testing process. This is also our commitment to the quality of our services.

✅ Language support & responsibility

We support both English and Japanese to provide better communication. We also take the highest responsibility for our testing services.

Case study

Shopify Web Application - Dokopoi & Atopla

After developing these web applications, the client requested Manual Testing services by Feedforce Vietnam, aiming to see these products in action before the official launch.
🔬 The Scope:
After discussing with the client the scope of testing for installation and functionality, we began learning more about the client's product.
Then, the team began scheduling for testing devices such as Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android devices. We also created a Test list on Notion so the team and client could have a direct conversation.
After receiving the response and confirmation from our client on the Test list, we executed the tests.
📋 Test Execution:
Given the novelty of the product, our team dedicated time to familiarize themselves fully with its unique characteristics during the testing process. This immersive approach allowed us to identify and address hidden bugs promptly. Throughout this phase, our team maintained a continuous line of communication with the client, promptly informing them of any discoveries and seeking their input on potential improvements.
🌟 Final Result:
Adhering to the committed schedule, our team successfully concluded the manual testing phase, ensuring a thorough evaluation of Dokopoi and Atopla.
The client expressed satisfaction with the results, offering positive feedback on the meticulous testing process and our team's commitment to delivering a high-quality product.
This collaborative effort not only detected and resolved issues but also contributed to the overall enhancement of the web applications' performance.

Pricing for Manual Testing Services

At our company, we understand that transparency and flexibility are key when it comes to pricing our Manual Testing services. We have developed a comprehensive pricing model that takes into account various factors to provide a fair and competitive pricing structure.
Our pricing is determined based on several key sections:
1. Duration:
We consider the time required for manual testing, ensuring a thorough evaluation of your software.
2. Languages Supported:
The number and complexity of programming languages used in your application can impact testing requirements. Our pricing reflects the multilingual aspects of your software.
3. Devices Tested:
The range of devices on which your software needs to be tested is a crucial factor. Whether it's Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, or others, our pricing is designed to accommodate diverse testing environments.
4. Level:
The complexity and depth of testing, categorized by levels, influence the pricing structure. We tailor our services to meet your specific testing needs, whether it's basic functionality testing or in-depth security testing.
5. Additional Factors:
We take into account any additional factors specific to your project, ensuring our pricing is customized to your unique requirements.
💥 Our Commitment:
We are dedicated to offering the most appropriate and competitive pricing for our manual testing services. Our goal is to provide value for your investment while maintaining the highest standards of quality assurance.
💼 Custom Solutions:
Recognizing that each project is unique, we also offer customized pricing solutions. This allows us to adapt to the specific needs of your project, ensuring that you receive a tailored service that meets your expectations and budget.
🤝 Transparent Communication:
We believe in transparent communication regarding our pricing structure. If you have any questions or specific requirements, feel free to reach out. We are here to collaborate with you to find the most suitable pricing solution for your manual testing needs.


1. Does FFV create a test cases list?
Yes. After receiving the client’s information about the product, test cases, and test devices, we will then research and make a test case list. Once we have received the confirmation of the test case list, we will conduct our software manual testing.
2. Does FFV support Japanese?
Yes. Our software engineers can communicate in both English and Japanese.
3. Does FFV support Automation testing?
No. Currently, we have not supported it yet. If it is required, we would like to discuss more.